about uInvented
Our goal is to improve user experiences through affordable, high-quality web services. Whether you're a small start-up or a large corporation, we're here to help you succeed online.​
the start of something new
uInvented is a web services company based in India that offers growth-oriented organizations unlimited access to development and technical work at a flat rate. Our platform allows teams to easily create and update websites and marketing pages, helping businesses grow and succeed. With uInvented, organizations can create scalable, high-quality sites that drive their business forward.​
We're driven by a relentless focus on great work and culture. Our core values are.
Continuous improvement
Trust with transparency
Diversity and inclusion
Move fast
how we're getting it done
We've engineered something special
global remote team

Our battle-tested team of top developers and technical specialists from around the world allows us to offer exceptional work with a faster turnaround.

tech enabled

We use purpose-built technology combined with a specialized toolset to offer our unchained development and technical scope on an enterprise level.


Our orchestration is our secret sauce. We've developed a proprietary rigor of web ops complemented by an app to deliver a game-changing experience for you.

faces behind uInvented

Aditya Kumar

Co-Founder & Technical Lead

Aniket Bhandare

Co-Founder & Product Designer

Harshit Bhalla

Co-Founder & Technical Lead